LADF Application

Step 3 - Program Intake Form

The Los Angeles Development Fund is a CDE committed to using its New Market Tax Credit allocation for LA projects that have significant community impact. 100% of LADF’s allocation must be invested in projects located within the limits of the City of Los Angeles AND in census tracts that meet the CDFI Fund’s criteria.

Before applying, determine if your project meets these initial requirements:
  1. Check that the project zip code is within the City of Los Angeles using, the online Los Angeles City Zip Codes Information Map.
  2. Use the New Markets Tax Credit Eligibility Status Policy Map to confirm that your project is in a CDFI eligible census tract.
    (please note that even if the project is in a qualified census tract, it may not ultimately qualify for the program or meet LADF community impact requirements)
  3. All projects must submit a letter of support from the Los Angeles City Council office where your project is located. City Council district information may be obtained through the LA City Neighborhood Info website. The letter of support must be submitted by email at the same time as the LADF Intake Form below, to, identifying your project name and the date that your LADF application was submitted online.
If your project meets these initial requirements, the next step is to complete an intake questionnaire form, to the best of your knowledge, and submit for review. This screening form must be completed before a project is seriously considered for NMTC financing because documentation of the projected community/economic impacts is a critical regulatory component of this US Treasury program. The LADF must fully understand the expected community impacts prior to moving forward.

Your Project
Screening Agreement

This NMTC screening form is for discussion purposes only, does not constitute a commitment by LADF to extend or arrange credit or to provide any other products or services and does not obligate LADF to respond or act in any way. By signing below and submitting this NMTC screening form to LADF, you attest that the information that you provided herein is, to the best of your knowledge, true, accurate and complete. Further, you agree to: (a) permit LADF and its affiliates (at their sole option) (1) to include the project in any application(s) to the CDFI Fund, a branch of the U.S. Treasury, for New Market Tax Credit authority or other communications to the CDFI Fund with respect to such application(s) and (2) to share this information with LADF's and its affiliates’ directors, employees, officers, auditors, consultants, agents and counsel and with other NMTC third parties to assist in identification of additional allocation for the project.