LADF and the New Markets Tax Credit Program Impact on LA

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359 adult education & vocational training

including community colleges, workforce training, employment services, and occupational therapy

188 homeless shelters & food pantries

NMTC - financed food banks serve over 10 million people annually

408 arts/cultural facilities

including museums, theaters, and performing arts centers

406 schools

Serving over 365,000 children

1,043 healthcare providers

Serving over 20 million patients annually. Including 388 federally qualified health centers, and 213 facilities specializing in substance abuse or behavioral health services

622 childcare & youth programs

Serving over 200,000 children

256 recreation facilities

Serving 121,506 people annually. Includes 69 YMCA/YWCAs and 48 Boys and Girls Clubs

16k affordable housing units

Including workforce housing, affordable energy efficiency housing, and Habitat for Humanity builds

NMTC Projects NMTC Projects

The NMTC Coalition analyzed 6,397 NMTC projects and found that 2,843 projects (44.4 percent) included at least one of the following:

Healthcare facilities or services, childcare, shared space for nonprofits, youth programs, municipal facilities, libraries, schools, recreational facilities, religious organizations, shelters, food pantries, adult education or vocational training, or other service providers supporting low-income communities. Of those 2,843 projects, they identified 704 projects with multiple community facilities or social service components. In total, they identified 3,602 discrete community facilities or service provider components of projects.

The New Markets Tax Program

NATIONWIDE community impact at its 20 year anniversary

One million jobs through 2019
Including 484,182 full-time equivalent permanent jobs
544,172 temporary construction jobs