Debbie Allen Dance Academy
LADF Allocation    $12,000,000
Total NMTC Funding    $12,000,000
Total Project Cost    $18,884,900
Permanent Jobs Retained  -  13
Permanent Jobs Created  -  8
Construction Jobs Created  -  75
Square Footage Added  -  24,000
Debbie Allen Dance Inc. (DADA) will use the NMTC financing to fund the new construction of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Construction is expected to begin in April 2020 and be completed in April 2021.

The Project will be a 24,000 SF community facility will allow DADA to bring its dance and theater arts curriculum to low-income children, seniors, and other vulnerable populations in one of Los Angeles’s most challenged communities.

DADA will relocate its existing 8,000 square foot facility in South LA to the subject property site. The project will allow DADA to partner with local community organizations and provide on-site programs that it previously could not provide. The new center will have more studios and will be able to accommodate twice the number of students. The new center will also have a 200-seat performance center which will reduce costs from rehearsal and performance space rentals. With the new center, the Sponsor will reach more students through its DADA Lecture Demonstrations, which are informal presentations on the art and history of dance that DADA gives to schools all over Los Angeles with specialized lessons plans for grades K-12.