LA Kitchen Culinary Training Class
LADF Allocation    $10,000,000
Total NMTC Funding    $16,000,000
Total Project Cost    $17,900,000
Permanent Jobs Created  -  276
Construction Jobs Created  -  54
Square Footage rehabbed  -  63,821
This project entailed the substantial rehabilitation of a 55,846 square foot industrial building in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.

LA Prep provides commercial kitchen space licensed for wholesale use for approximately 50 small- to medium-sized food producer tenants.

The project's original anchor tenant, L.A. Kitchen, was a nonprofit that operated a commercial kitchen and produce processing hub preparing meals and nutritious snacks for seniors and low‐income families. Also, they provided job training for 80 to 100 individuals annually, focused on emancipated foster youth and older adults exiting the prison system.

The project is a one-of-a-kind facility that incubates small businesses and provides healthy food access for 1,000 low-income seniors (estimated for its first year of operations).